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Table Talk Pies to re-launch operations of Pâtisserie Gaudet following acquisition of its assets

by CM staff   

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Table Talk has retained the plant's former general manager, Georges Berbari, to help lead the effort to reopen the plant.

Photo: CNW Group/Table Talk Canada.

MONTREAL — Table Talk Pies has officially completed the acquisition of the assets of Pâtisserie Gaudet, which was previously under the management of Raymond Chabot Grant Thornton after being placed under the protection of the Creditors Arrangement Act.

Gaudet was at one time a major player in the Canadian pie and tart market but has fallen on hard times in recent years. With this transaction, which closed on Dec. 22, Table Talk hopes to return the closed facility to its key position in the Canadian sweet goods industry.

“We intend to reopen the Gaudet plant to make pies for the Canadian market again and we will work closely with the former employees, as well as local and provincial authorities, to try to get this plant back up and running as quickly as possible,” said Harry Kokkinis, President, Table Talk Pies.

Table Talk has retained the plant’s former general manager, Georges Berbari, to help lead the effort to reopen the plant. Management and production will remain in Quebec, according to Berbari, who added that he was speaking on behalf of the owners of Table Talk, whose three U.S. plants, with 300 employees, already produce nearly 250 million tarts and 25 million pies a year; products that are distributed in all 50 U.S. states, Puerto Rico, Mexico and Canada.


“There is no question that the Acton Vale plant’s operations will be relocated to Table Talk Pies’ three U.S. plants,” said Berbari. “With this new company, we look forward to serving Canadian customers with pies and tarts from the Quebec plant and made to the same high-quality standards that North American customers have come to know and love,” concluded Kokkinis and Berbari.


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