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StromVolt to build a lithium-ion cell factory with technology from Delta Electronics

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StromVolt has identified the province of Quebec as the location for the first factory.

StromVolt to open a manufacturing facility in Quebec.

MISSISSAUGA — StromVolt Americas, a Canadian company, announces that it has signed agreements with Taiwan-based Delta Electronics to build the first lithium-ion cell factory in Canada. StromVolt will be the first North American firm to fully own such a facility along with the rights to develop and scale up this technology.

“StromVolt’s agreements with Delta Electronics are a landmark opportunity for North American cell manufacturing. StromVolt would gain, through this close cooperation, the cell technology, extensive in-person support for the factory construction and the sale of brand-new machinery. The partnership drastically reduces the timeline for the factory to become operational and eliminates the uncertainty for such an ambitious project,” says Maxime Vidricaire, CEO of StromVolt.

“Delta has a successful and longstanding relationship with StromVolt. We look forward to working closely with StromVolt to make their vision a reality. This endeavor is in line with Delta’s corporate mission, ‘To provide innovative, clean and energy-efficient solutions for a better tomorrow’. Our cutting-edge lithium-ion technology currently supports energy storage systems in green buildings, renewable energy power plants and other major applications worldwide,” says Ted Shyy, General Manager, Components Business Group at Delta Electronics, Inc.

North America has all the critical minerals to fully convert to EVs, but the absence of lithium-ion cell technology and know-how means that EV manufacturers are currently facing shortages and an overdependence on foreign players. StromVolt has secured a cell manufacturing background and will apply it to try and foster a local supply chain, linking mining projects directly to the booming EV sector.


StromVolt has identified the province of Quebec as the location for the first factory: “Quebec’s clear aspirations to become a leader in lithium-ion batteries, along with its abundance of minerals, renewable energy and cutting-edge research make it the ideal hub for the first Canadian cell factory. These assets will allow StromVolt to produce the cleanest and most secure cell on the market,” concludes Mr. Vidricaire.

StromVolt will also partner with battery recyclers to integrate recovered minerals into its cell production. This vision for the “circular battery supply chain” offers a path towards sustainable EV manufacturing that increasingly relies on the resources from older EVs, eventually phasing out the need for mining.


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