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Canadian Manufacturing

The Productivity Success Centre brings you world-class strategies for boosting shop floor performance. From lean manufacturing to workforce optimization, you’ll find the resources, case studies and insight you need to operate a more competitive and cost-effective plant.

The centre is sponsored by Kronos Inc. (Mississauga, Ont.), a global leader in workforce management solutions.



Managing your workforce for cost savings and an agile shop floor

Instead of resorting to simplistic (and often shortsighted) wage-cutting practices that frequently backfire, many companies are streamlining back-office functions that are vital to the manufacturing organization; leading to more engaged and innovative employees.

Maximizing profits with lean manufacturing

A still-recovering economy means survival is the key word on the minds of most small and medium-sized business operators as they look to cut waste and maximize profit. But sometimes the best way to reduce waste and squeeze out the biggest profit is to take a systematic approach.

Overall labour effectiveness: A crucial measurement in manufacturing

Having already automated many aspects of production and supply chain operations, manufacturers now recognize that the next frontier for high performance is the workforce. Check out the Kronos white paper.

What Facebook can teach you about lean

Employees are embracing consumer technology such as mobile devices and social networking applications in their personal lives. So why do they continue to resist adoption of enterprise applications at work? Find out why with this paper by Kronos, and discover steps to create a lean culture.


Absenteeism costing Canadian economy and employers: study

The average Canadian worker was absent from the workplace for almost two full work weeks in 2011—and the time off wasn’t cheap.

Mature workers want to stay on the job past retirement, but on their own terms

Study shows the traditional nine-to-five full-time workweek doesn’t appeal to many who are choosing to work beyond retirement age. As such, employers should consider strategies such as phased in retirement and flex time.

GE bets big on big data: 14 new apps that connect data to decisions

The company claims the apps will enable global industries to achieve outcomes such as minimal unplanned downtime, increased productivity, preventive maintenance, lower fuel costs and reduced emissions.

3D printing: boosting efficiency and innovation on the shop floor

3D printing, or additive manufacturing, is presently a $2.2 billion global industry, a jump of more than 28% from 2011, according to data from research firm Wohlers Associates. But will these Star Trek-like replicators be responsible for a third industrial revolution?

Manning Innovation Awards highlight Canadian thinkers and tinkerers

Winning innovations mark breakthroughs for Canada’s technology, research and manufacturing sectors. Check out the leading ideas and applications.


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