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PRIMED partners with MSS and MMC to support an Indigenous value-based supply chain

by CM staff   

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The PRIMED and MSS partnership currently entails a co-branded line of products.

EDMONTON —PRIMED Medical Products has partnered with Medical Surgical & Safety Supplies Ltd. (MSS), one of the leading Indigenous-owned medical companies in Canada and Mohawk Medbuy Corporation, a national, not for profit, shared services organization.

“PRIMED Medical Products is committed to growing the influence of Indigenous businesses across the healthcare supply chains of Ontario and Canada,” said David Welsh, PRIMED’s President and CEO. “We are grateful that we were able to collaborate with MSS and MMC on this important reconciliation initiative.”

In 2022, MMC and MSS explored opportunities to work with MMC contracted vendors who shared a commitment to reconciliation and creating meaningful change. PRIMED was quick to engage with this collaboration.

“We’re excited to continue MMC’s Reconciliation journey with these valued partners,” said Tony DiEmanuele, President and CEO of Mohawk Medbuy. “As we embrace our collective responsibility for economic reconciliation, this initiative is a unique opportunity to strengthen our healthcare supply chains by unlocking the potential of Indigenous businesses.”


The PRIMED and MSS partnership currently entails a co-branded line of products.

“The mission of MSS, Medical Surgical & Safety Supplies, is to be a trusted and valued partner in the distribution of healthcare services. Along with PRIMED, we can build our product offerings and allow our community to enter back into the economy,” said James Hiebert, President of MSS. “This initiative is a concrete way to build bridges between Indigenous and non-Indigenous businesses and communities as we chart our pathway for self-determination and economic independence.”


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