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Northstar selects Calgary as the location for its asphalt shingle reprocessing facility

by CM Staff   

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The scale up facility's build and design are part of the Company's planned expansion strategy with the goal of operating asphalt shingle reprocessing facilities across Canada and the United States.

VANCOUVER — Northstar Clean Technologies Inc. announces that the Company’s Board of Directors has approved the selection of the City of Calgary, Alberta, Canada as the planned location for the Company’s expanded-capacity asphalt shingle reprocessing scale up facility.

Based on the independent engineering design study, the Calgary Empower Facility is expected to be the Company’s first modular scale up facility and is expected to be designed and engineered with an estimated capacity of 150–200 tonnes per day, which is approximately two to three times scale up from the full commercial production capacity of 50-75 tpd at the Company’s existing reprocessing pilot facility in Delta, British Columbia. The scale up facility’s build and design are part of the Company’s planned expansion strategy with the goal of operating asphalt shingle reprocessing facilities across Canada and the United States.

Mr. Brad Parry, President and CEO of Calgary Economic Development, states: “With our strong cleantech innovation ecosystem, a long history of industry collaboration and investment, Calgary is the place to be for companies like Northstar that are driven to make an impact on the energy transition. Calgary has a reputation for being a place for people who want to solve environmental and other challenges, and we are pleased Northstar has chosen Calgary to build its new planned facility that can help keep asphalt shingles out of landfills. Northstar’s commitment to clean technology, community, and long-term solutions aligns with our economic strategy’s focus on sustainability and Calgary in the new ‘Energy Transition’ economy. We look forward to the opportunities Northstar’s planned facility can bring to our city.”

Mr. Aidan Mills, President & CEO of Northstar, states, “To be successful, I believe companies like ours with a sustainability focus first need to demonstrate their technology works. Second, they need to scale up their technology. Third, they need to rapidly deploy their technology across their key markets. We have successfully demonstrated the first step with the steady state production of our design specification product at the Empower Pilot Facility in Delta, British Columbia – and we believe the Calgary Empower Facility can deliver on the second step – by scaling up our technology to full commercial potential.”


Mr. Allen Gervais, General Manager (Alberta) at Northstar, comments, “The City of Calgary has been very engaged with us as we move to deliver a solution which could divert an estimated 30,000 to 50,000 tonnes per year of shingles that would otherwise be destined for landfills. We believe this facility will contribute to Calgary’s growing reputation as a hub for innovative green energy and circular economy solutions.”


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