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Nord Drivesystems ads size-four inverter to SK 200E drives

by Nord Drivesystems   

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Nord Drivesystems has extended its SK 200E family of decentralized drive solutions with a new size 4 inverter with a rated power output from 15 to 30 Hp.

The self-cooling inverters are available for motor-mounting or with a wall mounting kit.

An IP55 housing provides protection from dust and water jets. The new models feature the comprehensive list of standard functions typical of the SK 200E family, including sensorless current vector control, an integrated brake chopper, a control module for an electromagnetic brake, and the safety function ‘Safe Torque Off’.

User programming and operation of this distributed inverter range is with a choice of control boxes or via the free-of-charge NORDCON software.

Common applications can be quickly selected via DIP switches. While they have been designed with an eye on cost-sensitive applications, SK 200E inverters are not limited to basic functions but possess the same wide functional range as the well-established SK 500E control cabinet inverters.


An analog input, for instance, allows for variable speed adjustment of an SK 200E pump drive, and, if a pressure or flow sensor is connected to the second analog input, the SK 200E can actively and autonomously control process values.

During partial load operation, an integrated energy saving function kicks in, ensuring environment friendliness.

The new size 4 is a practical extension to the SK 200E family, for example for locally transporting heavy loads in large conveyor systems. Power electronics integrated in the motor or mounted nearby can affect considerable savings by making long shielded motor cables, output filters, and chokes unnecessary.

Distributed solutions by NORD and the optional functions in various inverter types can be explored at


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