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NEXE launches new food manufacturing brand

NEXE plans to launch XOMA pilot in late January 2021.

January 12, 2021  by CM Staff

VANCOUVER — NEXE Innovations Inc., a plant-based materials science and advanced manufacturing company, announces the launch of XOMA Superfoods, NEXE’s in-house coffee and superfoods brand. NEXE plans to launch the first stock-keeping unit (SKU) under the XOMA Superfoods brand, a soluble micro-ground coffee fortified with MCT oil packaged in the NEXE Pod, as a pilot in late January 2021.

“XOMA Superfoods is the next logical step for NEXE,” said Company CEO Darren Footz. “Our innovative, plant-based technology means that customers can continue with their daily superfood and coffee consumption but can now enjoy the experience sustainably. XOMA offers high-quality, healthy products in our fully compostable packaging.”

NEXE plans to add more products available online and through subscription, via a new direct to consumer e-commerce platform. XOMA Superfoods plans to include a wide range of healthy lifestyle products, which may include coffees, superfood creamers, coconut oil, MCT oil, mushrooms, and moringa.

The launch of XOMA and the accompanying DTC e-commerce platform, provides NEXE with a sales ecosystem for its proprietary capsules.


The ongoing global COVID-19 pandemic has forced consumers to prioritize their grocery spend taking a more active role in their personal wellness. This focus on health has increased consumer demand for functional foods and superfoods with high-quality novel ingredients. At the same time, the pandemic has accelerated the move to online DTC sales, as consumers avoid public spaces either by preference or local health ordinance.

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