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Majority of Canadians would pay under the table cash to avoid sales tax: survey

by The Canadian Press   

Manufacturing sales tax Survey

55 per cent said they would avoid sales taxes, only 30 per cent said they thought it was wrong

OTTAWA—A new survey suggests most Canadians are prepared to cheat the tax man by paying contractors cash under the table if they have the chance.

The survey for H&R Block Canada found 55 per cent of respondents saying they would opt for the cash option to avoid sales taxes.

And they are not overly guilty about it either.

Only 30 per cent said they thought the avoidance wrong.


The findings are worrying if understandable, says an H&R Block tax analyst, because there can be serious legal penalties for tax avoidance.

A majority of the 1,500 adults polled also said they should not have to report bartered or traded services of goods and services, and that waiters and waitresses need not pay tax on their tips.


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