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Humble & Fume Inc. to distribute Wyld Edibles with Galaxie Brands

by CM Staff   

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The company also stated that Wyld's launch into the Canadian market will expand Humble's edible portfolio to include Wyld's cannabis gummies.

PHOTO: Evan-Amos [Public domain], from Wikimedia Commons

TORONTO — Humble & Fume Inc. a North American distributor of cannabis and cannabis accessories, announced that its subsidiary Humble+ Cannabis Solutions has entered into an exclusive sales representation agreement with Galaxie Brands Corporation for the commercialization and distribution of Wyld cannabis edibles in Canada.

Through the partnership with Galaxie, Humble will provide sales representation for Wyld cannabis edibles across the Canadian market, including generating new listings, trade marketing services, product education, and commercial planning support, according to a company statement.

The company also stated that Wyld’s launch into the Canadian market will expand Humble’s edible portfolio to include Wyld’s cannabis gummies.

“The partnership with Galaxie will allow us to meet a rising consumer demand in the Canadian edibles market segment. We expect this to be another example of how Humble bridges the gap between cannabis brands, accessory producers, and the growing retail market in North America, streamlining the process for all involved and ultimately driving increased sales growth and maximizing financial performance,” said Joel Toguri, Chief Executive Officer of Humble in a statement.



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