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Hiring intentions on the rise for Q4

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TORONTO: Employment is always top-of-mind following Labour Day and this year is no different, with some good news reported in Canada’s labour market for the remainder of 2010.

The Manpower Employment Outlook Survey forecasts an improved hiring environment moving into the fourth quarter of 2010, reporting a Net Employment Outlook of 15 per cent.

This is up four points from the third-quarter outlook of 11 per cent and a 10 per cent improvement over the same time last year.

Manpower Canada, a Toronto-based staffing firm, asked 1,900 Canadian employers if they planned to increase or decrease their payrolls in the fourth quater of 2010. Some 21 per cent will increase payroll while seven per cent plan to reduce staffing. Seventy per cent intend to maintain the status quo.


“Regionally, employers in Atlantic and Western Canada anticipate the most favourable hiring climates,” says Byrne Luft, VP of Staffing Operations for Manpower Canada. “The survey data indicates employers in Atlantic Canada have positive hiring intentions for the coming quarter, reporting a Net Employment Outlook of 17 per cent. The upbeat forecast for this region is due in part to the bright hiring forecast reported by employers in the Manufacturing- Durable Goods industry sector as many of these firms are located in this region.”

This expected hiring should help balance the workload placed on employees—66 per cent of employers surveyed by professional services company Tower Watson said that cost-cutting measures increased employee workloads while 57 per cent said those measures negatively impacted employees’ ability to manage work stress.

“This study is a good reminder that employers need to look at their employee value proposition in order to focus on key factors such as work-life balance and career development that are attractive to both current and prospective employees,” said Maureen Neglia, a senior talent management consultant at Towers Watson in Toronto. “This is even more of a priority when trying to attract top talent for leadership roles.”

Hiring by sector


Employers anticipate a Net Employment Outlook of 25 per cent once seasonal variations are removed. This is a five percentage point increase from the previous quarter and a 16 per cent improvement over last year.

Manufacturing−Durable Goods

The Manufacturing−Durable Goods sector should see a Net Employment Outlook of 21 per cent. This forecast is a significant improvement from the outlook of -1 per cent reported during the same time last year.


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