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Deep Sky names Chief Carbon Scientist and Head of Engineering

by CM staff   

Manufacturing Operations Cleantech Deep Sky Sustainability Expert

Most recently, Phil De Luna served as a Sustainability Expert at McKinsey & Company where he helped solve the industry's decarbonization problems.

Phil De Luna, Deep Sky Chief Carbon Scientist; Head of Engineering

MONTRÉAL — Deep Sky, a Montreal-based venture commercializing carbon removal and storage solutions at scale, has appointed Phil De Luna, PhD as Chief Carbon Scientist and Head of Engineering.

A scientist and carbontech innovator, Luna has dedicated his career to developing solutions to fight climate change. In his new role, he will be instrumental in realizing Deep Sky’s ambitions to become a gigaton-scale carbon capture company.

“Climate change is too big a problem and too immediate a threat for inaction,” said Luna. “I recognized the need to use my skills to make a direct impact and put real skin in the game. My goal at Deep Sky is to find, develop, scale, and deploy breakthrough technology to pull CO2 from the sky and ocean, at the lowest energy cost, as quickly as possible. It’ll be my life’s work to not only reduce climate change, but help reverse it.”

Most recently, Luna served as a Sustainability Expert at McKinsey & Company where he helped solve the industry’s decarbonization problems.


With a PhD in materials science and engineering and a masters in chemistry, he has published over 50 papers in high impact science journals in the fields of CO2 conversion, hydrogen, and AI for materials discovery.

“The monumental job of reversing climate change requires the world’s top minds,” said Fred Lalonde, Deep Sky Co-Founder. “We’re serious about building gigaton-scale carbon removal infrastructure at hyper scale and speed, and Phil is the carbontech scientist who can get it done. His scientific and research background, combined with government and consulting experience, makes him the right person to help us deliver high quality carbon credits to forward-thinking companies and governments that are ready to reverse their carbon footprint.”


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