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CMC Electronics obtains certification for multicore avionics computer

by CM Staff   

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L3Harris is CMC’s first customer to take advantage of this new multicore computer.

MONTREAL — On Apr. 1, CMC Electronics announced that its latest PU-3000 multicore avionics computer was certified by Transport Canada to the highest Design Assurance Level. The PU-3000 avionics computer can host multiple avionics applications reducing equipment count and integration costs. The PU-3000 supports commercial serial interface standards as well as MIL-STD-153B.

Modular by design, the PU-3000 can be used as a common computing platform able to host a large variety of functions into a single unit including primary flight display (PFD), navigation display (ND), flight management systems (FMS), radio management systems (RMS), flight director systems (FDS), Terrain Avoidance and Warning System (TAWS) and mission-critical tactical applications. The PU-3000 series is capable of driving multiple screen sizes ranging from 10 to 21-in video displays with the redundancy needed for flight critical functions.

L3Harris is CMC’s first customer to take advantage of this new multicore computer. “We chose CMC’s new PU-3000 solution because we knew we could rely on the quality and reliability of their solution. Thanks to the increased flexibility and versatility offered by the multicore system, we will be able to offer a broader range of cost-effective solutions to our clients. Our close collaboration with the CMC team during this project delivered a solution well aligned with our needs,” said L3Harris spokesperson.

“CMC Electronics is excited to receive this TSO for a system well suited for today’s most demanding applications that delivers additional flexibility, processing power and room for growth to our end users. The PU-3000 avionics computer is a suitable solution for both the retrofit and line-fit markets and is targeted to be installed in fixed or rotary wings requiring harsh environmental operating conditions,” said Brad Nolen, Vice President, Sales and Marketing at CMC Electronics.


The PU-3000 received certification as a flight director system complying to TSO-C198 Automatic Flight Guidance and Control System (AFGCS) Equipment. The Canadian Technical Standing Order (CAN-TSO) authorization also included evidence of meeting all CAST-32A requirements for multicore processors. The CAN-TSO was approved by Transport Canada Civil Aviation (TCCA), with reciprocal acceptance from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA).


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