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Avoid equipment breakdown with insulation testing

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New devices offer a wide voltage range and valuable diagnostic information

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As manufacturers know, keeping the shop floor running smoothly hinges in large part on good maintenance and equipment testing.

One of the most common reasons for equipment failure is insulation breakdown, so regular testing is one of the most efficient ways to pinpoint wear and prevent problems.

Megger has been providing high-performance insulation testers for electrical equipment diagnostic applications for more than 100 years.


Manufacturing insulation testers from 1kV to 10kV is where Megger started, and the brand is so well known today that maintenance professionals often use it as a verb when they refer to testing insulation on wiring.

Megger’s range of DC insulation testers—the MIT515, MIT525, MIT1025 and the new MIT1525 are targeted at original equipment manufacturers and industrial companies.

The units are designed for testing the insulation of high-voltage electric equipment. Their wide voltage range also allows applications for low-voltage equipment. The test techniques on the instruments provide valuable diagnostic information.

All four instruments test the insulation resistance of:

• High-voltage power cables and high-voltage buses
• Large motor/generator windings
• Line and substation transformers

The new MIT1525 is safety rated CATIV 1000 V to 3000 m (15 kV). It also has a rapid-charge Li-ion battery; PI, DAR, DD, SV and ramp test. It operates from battery or AC source and has advanced memory with time/date stamp.

To learn more about insulation testing above 1KV, view this informative video.

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