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Alberta’s swing to NDP could send business to Saskatchewan

A University of Regina economist expects to see a migration of both businesses and workers

May 8, 2015  by The Canadian Press

REGINA—Some economic observers in Saskatchewan say the province could capitalize on the NDP’s recent election victory in Alberta.

Hafiz Akhand, economic department head at the University of Regina, says he believes the NDP’s victory over the Conservatives will have a “positive impact” on Saskatchewan’s economy.

He notes the TSX took a tumble after this week’s election, and says that type of economic uncertainty is a sign of things to come, particularly because premier-elect Rachel Notley has promised to increase corporate taxes.

Hafiz says if the Alberta tax advantage is gone, the province’s main selling point will be the continued lack of a provincial sales tax.


Political scientist Jim Farney agrees, saying he wouldn’t be surprised to see some companies deciding to invest in Saskatchewan instead.

Akhand took it one step further, and says he expects to see a migration of both businesses and workers.

Premier Brad Wall says there’s plenty of room in Saskatchewan if that’s what people decide.

“Everyone is welcome. It’s just a quick pledge to Rider Nation, that’s the only formality,” he joked to reporters about the province’s CFL team.

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