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ADM wants $24M in tax breaks as it decides on keeping Illinois HQ

Company consultant said agribusiness wants tax credits of $1.2-million annually for 20 years

October 1, 2013  by The Associated Press

CHICAGO—Archer Daniels Midland (ADM) Co. has told an Illinois House committee it’s seeking about $24-million in tax credits as it decides whether to keep its global headquarters in the state.

ADM consultant Mike Kasper told lawmakers the agribusiness wants to apply for tax credits worth around $1.2-million annually for 20 years.

One legislator asked ADM’s chief financial officer how a comparatively small credit mattered to a multi-billion dollar company.

Ray Young said watching “nickels and dimes” has made ADM successful.


The executives added they’re no longer pursuing one proposal that ADM also receive a break on utility taxes.

ADM wants to move its global headquarters out of Decatur in central Illinois.

It will keep the bulk of its operations there.

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