Canadian Manufacturing

Canadian Manufacturing

EnergyOperations Sustainability

Massive Niagara Tunnel drill nears its destination

News February 9, 2011  

French firm vying for new nuke power plant

News February 8, 2011  

GMC’s Yukon takes BOVY top honours

News February 7, 2011  
Energy Mining & ResourcesSustainability

Study shows Canadian forests bio-friendly

News February 3, 2011  

Solar projects keeping Ontario manufacturer busy

News February 2, 2011  
Energy Oil & Gas TransportationExporting & Importing

Diversify Canadian oil sands exports

News February 1, 2011  
EnergyEnvironment Procurement Sustainability

Solar modules to be built in Toronto for U.S. energy initiative

News February 1, 2011  
EnergyOperations Procurement

Manufacturing takes back seat in GDP growth

News January 31, 2011  
Cleantech EnergyOperations

Ontario clean technology scoops US contract worth more than $1M

News January 24, 2011  
Energy Mining & ResourcesExporting & Importing Supply Chain

More mergers and acquisitions in Canada

News January 21, 2011  
Energy Mining & ResourcesManufacturing

New project exploring business potential in Canada’s remote communities

News January 17, 2011  
Energy Oil & GasManufacturing

Emerging markets to lead world GDP growth

News January 13, 2011  

Ontario opposition criticizes energy deal

News January 13, 2011  
Energy Oil & GasManufacturing

Tetra Tech to buy B.C.’s Fransen

News January 12, 2011  
EnergyEnvironment Operations Sustainability

DuPont forced to pay for smelter pollution

News January 6, 2011  
Energy TransportationOperations Procurement Small Business Supply Chain

Small business optimism on the rise

News January 5, 2011  

Companies stashing cash as profits increase

News January 4, 2011  
EnergyHuman Resources Operations

Many Canadians expect to work after retirement: Scotiabank

News January 4, 2011  
Energy Oil & GasManufacturing

Tailings, potash and China trade: Canada’s economic year in review

News December 29, 2010  
Automotive Energy Food & Beverage Mining & Resources Oil & GasOperations

Mining, oil and gas fuel GDP growth: StatsCan

News December 23, 2010  
EnergyOperations Sustainability

Rio Tinto hires SNC-Lavalin, Hatch for AP60 smelter job

News December 22, 2010  
Energy Food & Beverage Mining & ResourcesManufacturing

Forecast 2011: more mergers and acquisitions, higher commodity prices

News December 22, 2010  
Energy Oil & GasSustainability

Keep oil sands research scientific, not political

News December 21, 2010  

Manitoba signs clean energy deal with Mitsubishi

News December 21, 2010  

Calgary company to run Chinese waste-to-energy plant

News December 14, 2010  
Aerospace EnergyOperations Research & Development

Feds loan Pratt and Whitney $330M for $1B R&D

News December 13, 2010  

Global clean energy projects could total $2.3 trillion

News December 9, 2010  
Energy Oil & GasExporting & Importing

Exports not responding to US growth

News December 8, 2010  

Green savings

News December 7, 2010  
Energy Oil & GasOperations

$25M oil sands contract for Aecon

News December 6, 2010