Canadian Manufacturing

Canadian Manufacturing


Did politics trump prudence on budget day?

News March 22, 2011  

SMEs and clean energy highlight Budget 2011

News March 22, 2011  
Energy TransportationOperations Procurement Supply Chain

Budget announcement laced with drama

News March 22, 2011  
Aerospace EnergyOperations

University of Toronto to sell micro satellites

News March 22, 2011  
Energy TransportationProcurement Supply Chain

Algoma to invest $400M to renew fleet

News March 22, 2011  
Energy Oil & GasSustainability

National approach to energy a must: Shell

News March 21, 2011  

10 ways to improve sustainability reports

News March 16, 2011  
Energy Food & BeverageOperations Procurement

Corporate tax increases carry highest cost: report

News March 16, 2011  
Automotive Energy TransportationOperations Procurement Supply Chain

Japan earthquake updates

News March 15, 2011  
Energy InfrastructureManufacturing

How prepared is Canada’s nuclear industry?

News March 15, 2011  

Ontario to get $40M smart grid technology centre

News March 9, 2011  
EnergyOperations Regulation Sustainability

Ontario keeps safe distance rule for giant wind turbines

News March 4, 2011  
Automotive Energy TransportationEnvironment Research & Development Sustainability

UBC study targets the world’s heaviest polluters

News March 3, 2011  
EnergyEnvironment Exporting & Importing Sustainability

Canadian sustainability market slanted for growth

News March 2, 2011  
Energy Oil & GasExporting & Importing

Alberta to diversify trade via China, India

News February 24, 2011  
EnergyOperations Research & Development Sales & Marketing

Commercialization: Dos, Don’ts and some great ideas

News February 23, 2011  

Carbon-cutting technologies to get investments in the trillions

News February 16, 2011  
Aerospace EnergyEnvironment Procurement Supply Chain

How to compete for federal contracts

News February 15, 2011  
EnergyOperations Sustainability

Proposed Quebec arena sparks battle between steel and wood producers

News February 14, 2011  
Energy Mining & ResourcesOperations

Abitibi cutbacks to cost $US 4M

News February 14, 2011  

Canada takes fourth in global sustainability rankings

News February 11, 2011  
EnergyOperations Sustainability

Massive Niagara Tunnel drill nears its destination

News February 9, 2011  

French firm vying for new nuke power plant

News February 8, 2011  

GMC’s Yukon takes BOVY top honours

News February 7, 2011  
Energy Mining & ResourcesSustainability

Study shows Canadian forests bio-friendly

News February 3, 2011  

Solar projects keeping Ontario manufacturer busy

News February 2, 2011  
Energy Oil & Gas TransportationExporting & Importing

Diversify Canadian oil sands exports

News February 1, 2011  
EnergyEnvironment Procurement Sustainability

Solar modules to be built in Toronto for U.S. energy initiative

News February 1, 2011  
EnergyOperations Procurement

Manufacturing takes back seat in GDP growth

News January 31, 2011  
Cleantech EnergyOperations

Ontario clean technology scoops US contract worth more than $1M

News January 24, 2011