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Jean Chretien defends PM on western alienation

He says, "a prime minister is prime minister for all Canadians," regardless of political stripes

November 22, 2019  The Canadian Press

PHOTO: Former PM Jean Chretien/JasonParis via Flickr

OTTAWA – Former Prime Minister Jean Chretien has jumped to the defence of the new minority Liberal government, brushing off the notion that it deserved to be shunned by the provinces of Saskatchewan and Alberta in the October election.

Jean Chretien made an unexpected visit to Parliament Hill yesterday, the same day as the new federal cabinet was meeting after being appointed a day earlier.

He made several remarks on the sense of alienation of the West, suggesting those provinces had the chance to vote for Liberals, but they did not.

He told reporters western hostility is “a long-standing problem.”


In defending Justin Trudeau he noted a prime minister is prime minister for all Canadians, regardless of the political party.

He also referred to the new Intergovernmental Affairs Minister, Chrystia Freeland, saying, Trudeau “has a lady who was born in Alberta, and her father is a farmer in Alberta.”

Chretien also revealed he had a debate with former Tory prime minister Stephen Harper two weeks ago and reminded him that Trudeau bought Kinder Morgan’s Trans Mountain pipeline to “try to sell Alberta oil and you said thank you.”