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Canadian economy loses 6,400 jobs in June, jobless rate remains unchanged

by Canadian Staff   

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Part-time job losses offset by gains in full-time employment

OTTAWA—The Canadian labour market made no major strides in either direction in June, shedding 6,400 jobs, according to Statistics Canada’s labour force survey.

June is the fifth-straight month of relative stagnation, with the jobless rate remaining at 6.8 per cent through much of 2015.

Despite the consistent rate, however, the Canadian economy has been adding more full-time positions.

“In the 12 months to June, employment increased by 176,000 [or 1 per cent], entirely the result of more full-time work,” Statistics Canada said. “Over the same period, the total number of hours worked grew by 2.1 per cent.”


In June Canada lost 71,000 part time positions, but offset most of those losses with 65,000 full-time jobs gained. Public sector gains accounted for much of the increase, while self-employment and the number of private sector employees changed little.

Youth employment, however, continues to lag the overall employment rate.

“There were 26,000 fewer youths working in June, bringing employment for this group to the same level as 12 months earlier,” Statistics Canada said.

While the youth unemployment rate was little changed at 12.9 per cent, fewer youths participated in the labour market.

Provincially, Quebec was the hardest hit in June, shedding 33,000 jobs – all part-time. B.C. alternatively, gained 15,000. Employment is up 1 per cent in the province year over year. Ontario employment remained consistent, the unemployment rate holding steady at 6.5 per cent. The province has added 92,000 jobs over the past year.


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