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Talent Canada: Four core capabilities to meet the challenge of Industry 4.0

by Talent Canada   

Talent Canada
Human Resources Technology / IIoT

HR must foster an environment where employees can embrace disruption, rather than succumb to it

Nowhere is the disruption of Industrial 4.0 more likely to be felt than the workplace. (PeopleImages/Getty Images)

In his 1992 book, Managing at the Speed of Change, consultant Daryl Conner speaks of change that is overwhelming, where the speed, volume and complexity of change is so great that many simply shut down. He offers strategies for dealing with such significant change.

Fast forward to 2021 and the word “change” can easily be replaced by “disruption” — radical change to our businesses and our markets.

The Fourth Industrial Revolution (Industry 4.0) has blurred boundaries between physical, digital and biological worlds. It is a fusion of advances in artificial intelligence, robotic process automation, machine learning, cognitive platforms and other technologies. It is the collective force behind many products and services that we now take for granted.

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