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Smart Homes: When fashion met technology

by Alanna Fairey, Associate Editor   

Manufacturing Technology / IIoT Textiles

Smart fashion helps you to communicate exactly how you’re feeling in a whole new way

PHOTO: Guillaume Pelletier

Integrating tech into everyday clothes in order to make for a more seamless and intuitive way to interface with the digital world has been an idea long in the making.

Today, smart clothing is a category in itself, ranging across a wide variety of applications, involving both form and function.

“It’s such a huge space — it almost defies categorization,” Joanna Berzowska, founder of XS Labs and associate dean research of the Faculty of Fine Arts at Concordia University, said in a recent interview with Smart Homes. “But one way we can try and understand that is to look at contexts.”

The main areas of smart fashion tech that have seen some innovation in recent years are in sports and performance and high fashion or art projects for the runway.


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