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OHS Canada: Pandemic shakes up gloves market

by OHS Canada   

OHS Canada
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Hand protection was not immune to COVID-19, with shifts in buyer habits and spikes in demand for single-use options

SHOWA’s 6110PF glove is a fully biodegradable product built with Eco Best Technology — the world’s first disposable nitrile glove, according to national sales manager Terry Smith. (Photo courtesy of SHOWA Group)

The swing towards single-use gloves has led to a global shortage and price increases, according to Brad Machado, regional sales manager for PIP Canada in Burlington, Ont.

The changes came quickly after the COVID-19 lockdowns went into effect in March, he said.

“Essentially, like what we saw with toilet paper and bottled water on the shelves… the same thing was happening out in the industrial world.”

And the high demand continues today, said Machado.


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