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EP&T: Connected vehicles drive up EMC testing demand

by EP&T Magazine   

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SGS sees upswing as automotive electronics expands

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Last year, the global consumer electronics market is expected to be worth more than USD $1-billion, with a predicted annual growth rate of 2.32%. The largest segment in the sector is telephony, with an estimated value of USD 498.3 billion.

The connected vehicle sector is also growing rapidly. Worth almost USD $60-billion in 2020, it is forecast the global market will reach USD $191.83 by 2028.

Connectivity has become a central part of everyday life, with most automobiles and consumer electronics now connected to the internet of things (IoT). This is true even for those who do not actively engage in the online world. Behind the scenes, many of the devices we all rely on for safety, entertainment, information and communication constantly interact with the IoT for updates and the data they need to provide a good level of user functionality.

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