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4 companies transitioning industrial equipment to be 100% automated

by David Madden, Founder & Owner of Container Exchanger   

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4 global companies are transitioning their businesses to be mostly automated.

4 Companies transitioning industrial equipment to be 100% automated

The manufacturing industry is getting the automated treatment. New advances in robotics and artificial intelligence are changing the business for good as managers and CEOs look for ways to reduce their costs without sacrificing speed or accuracy.

From faster shipping to near-perfect order accuracy and less downtime, automation can help you reach so many of your goals. According to a recent survey of automated warehouses, 76 percent of respondents said they were more likely to boost inventory accuracy to 99 percent or higher, 36 percent more likely to have reduced labor costs of an average of three percent per year and 40 percent more likely to consistently ship within one day of an order’s placement.

Automation will change the face of the warehousing and manufacturing business in more ways than one. Here are four companies changing the way we work:



Based in Zurich, Switzerland, ABB is leading the charge when it comes to smart, sophisticated automation. We can finally say goodbye to the days of messy robots putting products back in the wrong place. ABB is most famous for its YUMI single-arm robotic solution. It’s designed specifically for warehouse and manufacturing settings where humans work alongside robots.

Their robotic solution is designed to produce 500 parts per hour, putting human workers to shame. Like a lot of the tech on this list, YUMI comes with built-in collision software for navigating the workspace and working alongside human beings. The arms are also soft, in case someone accidentally gets whacked in the head. It’s the coworker you never thought you wanted.

Siemens AG

Watch out for the Sinumerik CNC 840D sl – machine tool handling system from Siemens AG. It’s designed to speed up the manufacturing process without sacrificing precision and quality. The nodding compensation accelerates the entire manufacturing process while preventing collisions and improving product handling.

It’s an open architecture system just as customizable as your warehouse. From agricultural applications to everyday building and laser drilling, you can use the machine for so many different processes.

Emerson Electric Co.

Automation is slowly taking over the entire warehouse. It’s not just about putting products together and picking items off the shelf. Emerson Electric Co. is looking to digitize every inch of your facility with the Plantweb digital ecosystem which combines a range of hardware, software and intelligent devices and services to create a hive of productivity.

The Plantweb digital ecosystem is all about making the most of your data. Using Pervasive Sensing™ strategies, it sends actionable data to your employees in real-time, helping them make informed decisions in a matter of seconds without sacrificing quality or control.

Schneider Electric

Based in France, Schneider Electric is focused on changing the way we think about energy consumption. The High-end Modicon M580 ePAC – Ethernet programmable automation controller uses advanced connectivity to help you react to changing demand in real-time. It’s suited for utility companies and those with complex energy needs. With fast, on-demand information, you can make sure critical components of your operations remain online while allocating electricity and power to certain assets on the floor.

The system works with smart devices to keep teams and equipment managers in the know. This helps you stay in control of energy usage and production so you can keep things running 24/7.

The manufacturing industry is always changing for the better. Don’t get left behind. Implement these trends into your operations today to stay one step ahead of the competition.

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