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Minister Freeland meets with leader of Belgian region blocking CETA

The dissenting vote by Belgium's Wallonia region has created headaches because it acts as a potential veto of the trade pact

October 20, 2016  by The Canadian Press

OTTAWA—Federal Trade Minister Chrystia Freeland on Oct. 19 met with the head of Wallonia in an effort to save a trade deal with the European Union that could collapse if the small Belgium region does not support it by Oct. 21.

Anne-Louise Chauvette, a spokeswoman for Freeland, says the minister met with Wallonia President Paul Magnette, who earlier said his region could not sign on to the deal by Friday, which has been set as a deadline to get the last of the 28 EU nations on board.

Chauvette says the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement, also known as CETA, is a priority for the federal government and it is working hard with its European partners so that it can be approved and implemented next year.

The Wallonia vote has created headaches for Belgium’s national government because its constitution gives its three regional governments—Wallonia being one of them—a potential veto over CETA, which has been seven years in the making.


Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is scheduled to fly to Brussels next week to sign the agreement should it be unanimously approved by the EU.