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Sour gas rupture reported in soggy southern Alberta community of Turner Valley

by The Canadian Press   

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Alberta Emergency Alert called rupture potentially life-threatening, warned of potential evacuation

TURNER VALLEY, Alta.—The Alberta Energy Regulator says there are indications flood waters in southern Alberta have caused a sour gas leak near Turner Valley.

Spokeswoman Kim Blanchette says there have been multiple reports of the leak.

But details such as where and how much gas leaked are not known.

An Alberta Emergency Alert was issued the morning of June 20 indicating a pipeline had ruptured in the community southwest of Calgary.


The alert calls the rupture potentially life-threatening and urges people to move indoors and prepare for a possible evacuation.

Sour gas is colourless, natural gas that smells like rotten eggs.

It contains hydrogen sulphide and is extremely toxic even in small amounts.

The Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers (CAPP) says about 30 per cent of natural gas in Western Canada is sour and some crude oil produced in the region is also sour.

Blanchette said there are many natural gas operators in the Turner Valley area.

“We are trying to determine exact location and impacted areas,” she said, adding the leak could be from a smaller line that takes gas from a well head into a facility or a big transmission line.

“We’re just trying to determine exactly what are we dealing with.”


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