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GLV launches new water management company

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MONTREAL: GLV Inc. is merging of all its water businesses under one global brand name, which launched today under the brand name Ovivo.

“Our consolidation strategy is in response to three key market drivers,” said Richard Verreault, GLV’s president and COO. “Firstly, we want to position ourselves to take full advantage of the growth opportunities which are widely renowned within the water industry. Secondly, we recognize the trend towards the industry globalisation and it demands that we pool our expertise and resources to ensure our broad portfolio of technologies and know-how is available in all the countries we choose to serve around the world. Thirdly, by consolidating our businesses into one brand, we aim to challenge the status quo imposed by the top players in the market.”

The decision to market the water businesses under one brand is the result of a nine-month review following the acquisition of Christ Water Technology in November 2009.

The new division will sell products that manage clean water, create efficient process water systems, treat wastewater and extract energy from wastewater while the firm aims to champion the reuse of water.


“Water is now fundamental to good governance and the true cost of managing water is being recognized around the world. Scarcity, rigorous legislation and corporate social responsibility combined with the increasing recognition that water is a key business issue provide very interesting growth opportunities,”added Verreault.

Ovivo specializes only in water and focuses its attention upon specific industrial and municipal applications to manage the cost of using water and help clients achieve the maximum value of the water they depend on for their core processes.

GLV Inc., a global provider of technological solutions used in water treatment as well as in pulp and paper production, operates in 30 countries with approximately 2,300 employees.


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