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Hookup Wires
Lapp Canada Inc
Lapp Canada Inc. can supply a range of hookup wires. Our selection includes hookup wires that meet both North American and European requirements. These int...

Advance Shipping Supplies Inc/ A Div. Of Imperial Dade Canada Inc.
We provide shelving units that represent best solutions for your storage needs. Our products are boltless, ensuring that they’re not only affordable,...

Ionizing Air Blowers
Exair LLC
EXAIR’s offers a large line of compressed air powered static eliminators are engineered to remove static and help increase throughput! Since static charg...

Galvanized Nuts
Advance Fasteners Ltd
A complete selection of galvanized nuts is available from Advance Fasteners Ltd. Our product offering includes all types of nuts, in a wide range of sizes,...

Acrylic Adhesives
Henkel Canada Corporation
Henkel Canada Corporation’s wide selection of acrylic adhesives are formulated to offer excellent strength and durability. Acrylic adhesives offer a ...

Sugatsune Canada Inc
Sugatsune has hooks that meet decorative and functional demands. They hang objects securely in hospitality, restaurant, commercial, marine, interior-transp...