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iPad maker Apple reportedly developing its own electric vehicle

Wall Street Journal report claims vehicle will resemble minivan, would be branded as Apple product like company's tablets, smart phones

February 17, 2015  by Bernard Condon, The Associated Press

NEW YORK—The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Apple Inc. has hired hundreds of people to work on a secret project—code name “Titan”—to develop an electric vehicle.

The newspaper cited people familiar with the project who spoke under condition of anonymity.

Apple spokesperson Tom Neumayr declined to comment.

The article claims the vehicle will resemble a minivan and that it would be branded as an Apple product.


Apple’s industrial design team is staffed with several people with automaking experience, the article claims.

That group includes Marc Newson, a designer who once created a concept car for Ford Motor Co.

Apple has confirmed that Newson is on its staff.

If Apple does sell an electric car, it will face some competitors.

General Motors Co. (GM) announced that it will build an electric car, the Chevrolet Bolt, with a 320-kilometre range at a factory near Detroit.

The car will cost around $30,000, GM said.

The car will be built starting in 2017.

Silicon Valley automaker Tesla Motors Inc. plans to start selling a 320-kilometre-per-charge car at about the same time.

The price of Tesla’s Model 3, is likely to be well below US$30,000 after the tax credit.

Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. is already selling an electric car, the Leaf, though not many—about 158,000 around the world.

The Journal notes that Apple is always experimenting with new products, many eventually abandoned.

But it claims the senior people involved in the electric car project suggest that it is serious venture.

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