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Lactalis Canada unveils 2023 ESG report

by CM Staff   

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The report details the company’s ESG achievements, advancements, and future goals.

TORONTO — Lactalis Canada released its 2023 Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Report.

“Our 2023 report highlights the tangible gains we have made in improving our performance towards our ESG goals,” said Mark Taylor, President & CEO of Lactalis Canada.

“As we move forward, we are keen to work collaboratively and proactively with our customers, suppliers, dairy farmers, government, industry and community partners on important shared ESG objectives. We know that by working more closely together, we can make faster and more meaningful progress.”

The report details the company’s ESG achievements, advancements, and future goals.


The key points from the report are as follows-

People & Communities:

  • Implemented a mentorship program to enhance inclusivity and provide employees with exposure to senior leadership.
  • Received the 2023 Canadian Grocer Impact award in the Supporting Employees category for efforts in training, professional development, and wellness initiatives.
  • Contributed over $2.7 million to charitable organizations nationwide, including significant donations of nutritious dairy products.
  • Achieved a 23% decrease in safety incidents over the past two years.

Authentic Products & Heritage:

  • Ensured all Canadian sites comply with regulations under the Safe Food for Canadians Regulations.
  • Reduced sugar content in milkshakes by 25% and exceeded goals in organic dairy product sales.
  • Implemented responsible sourcing practices, including labeling products with the Blue Cow logo to denote high-quality, Canadian-sourced ingredients.
  • Maintained leadership in animal welfare with strict policies against mistreatment.

Land & Resources:

  • Reduced reliance on road transport to Western Canada by utilizing rail, resulting in a significant reduction in emissions.
  • Lowered emissions intensity by upgrading equipment and implementing efficient refrigeration systems.
  • Increased package recyclability and initiated projects to improve packaging for cheese and yogurt products.
  • Reduced cardboard, plastic, and landfill waste through lightweighting projects.

“We will maintain our high standards of profitable and responsible growth as we progress on our ESG journey, delivering value for all Lactalis Canada stakeholders,” Taylor said.


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