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Critical minerals, trade policy and migration top of mind for Trudeau and Biden

Trade Minister Mary Ng met earlier this month with industry leaders to discuss "unwarranted and illegal U.S. duties" on softwood lumber, vowing that a solution that protects Canadian jobs "is the only resolution that we will accept."

Ford Motor Co. says their EV business has lost $3B over the last two years

Company officials said the electric vehicle unit, called "Ford Model e," will be profitable before taxes by late 2026 with an 8% pretax profit margin.

Cosmetic brands will now have to disclose fragrance ingredients

Proposed regulations by Health Canada to require the cosmetics industry to disclose 24 fragrance allergens on product labels will provide some relief for people with allergies and conscious consumers.


Drone Delivery Canada Corp. awarded contract for its heavy-lift Condor drone

DDC will provide Transport Canada with a Condor drone, and collaborate with Transport Canada in operating, testing and evaluating the capabilities of the Condor drone solution until December 2023. » Read More...

Royale tissue products are certified carbon neutral by the Carbon Trust

Forests managed by J.D. Irving, Limited and its affiliates remove more carbon per year than is emitted in the life cycle of Royale tissue products manufactured in the year. » Read More...

BRP announces the winners of its international design competition

Participants were asked to design an alternative personal transportation device, capable of accommodating an occasional passenger and offering storage space for daily needs. » Read More...


Field Notes: ProMat 2023 returns, manufacturers hoping to stand out

The event features exhibits from more than 1,000 global manufacturers and supply chain companies, across 560,000 square feet, which is much larger than any previous in-person iteration. » Read More...


What are the best ways to reduce food processing waste in manufacturing?

Food manufacturers can communicate with supply chains to see what communities or sectors could use leftovers. » Read More...


Did Canada and Ontario pay too much money for Volkswagen’s battery plant?

Much of the foundation of the Canadian automotive manufacturing industry as it exists today is the result of Ed Lumley’s work as Pierre Trudeau’s industry minister in the 1980s. That’s when companies like Honda, Toyota and others established assembly plants here. » Read More...


GM to stop making the Camaro but a successor may be in works

General Motors, which sells the brawny muscle car, said on Mar. 22 that it will stop making the current generation early next year. » Read More...

The USMCA’s self destruct button: review clause conjures fears of 2018 all over again

The U.S. remains unhappy with how Canada has allocated the quotas that give American dairy producers access to markets north of the border. » Read More...