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Nissan commits to making next-gen EV batteries by 2029

Rivals like Volkswagen and Toyota have also announced efforts to produce solid-state EVs, with Toyota setting a date of 2027-28 to begin bringing them to market.

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How to Fund Automation: Key Financing Trends for Canadian Manufacturers

Learn how equipment finance is evolving to keep pace with automation, matching solutions to ROI and providing as-a service and other tailored models.


Get accelerated B2B lead generation for your business

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Eocycle Technologies receives $25M in financing to bring its cleantech to the U.S. and Europe

The company manufactures 25 kW and 90 kW wind turbines designed for on-site production of clean electricity at rates significantly lower than utilities can provide. » Read More...

Harwood Custom Composites names new CEO

McLaughlin’s previous leadership experience includes reported turnarounds in profitability, production, and reputation for multiple organizations across Canada. » Read More...


Clarius Mobile Health’s grand plans

Clarius Mobile's Canadian-made handheld devices are challenging the traditional ultrasound market with a slew of new ideas. » Read more...


Podcast: VueReal Inc.'s Reza Chaji sits down to talk microLED displays and his advanced mfg. ambitions

VueReal is involved in the manufacturing of advanced microLED displays, using novel transfer technology to create displays that use less energy and are more sustainable for the environment. » Listen here...


The Alberta government is interfering in public sector bargaining on an unprecedented scale

The Alberta government has begun involving itself with public sector bargaining in an unprecedented way compared to previous provincial governments and those in every other province and territory. » Read more...


Redefining the landscape

Turning the tides on labour shortages in Canadian manufacturing » Read More...

General Fusion partners with Canadian Nuclear Laboratories on commercial power plant design

General Fusion has launched a new project in collaboration with Canadian Nuclear Laboratories (CNL) to advance the design of its commercial fusion power plant. » Read More...