Canadian Manufacturing

Canadian Manufacturing
Supply Chain

AerospaceManufacturing Research & Development Supply Chain

Commercial aircraft market to focus on digital solutions and leasing post-COVID-19: Frost & Sullivan

News June 2, 2020  
Oil & GasSupply Chain

Trans Mountain reaches ‘key milestone’ as pipeline construction begins in B.C.

News June 1, 2020  
Environment Exporting & Importing Supply Chain

Canada’s farmland is a wise investment — during and after the coronavirus

Feature June 1, 2020  
Food & BeverageSupply Chain

Supply chain innovation can reduce coronavirus food shortages

Feature June 1, 2020  
Public SectorRisk & Compliance Small Business Supply Chain

Coronavirus recovery: Small businesses must focus on easing employee, customer fears

Feature May 29, 2020  
TransportationOperations Supply Chain

CN Rail feeling slowdown as auto and crude revenues drop, prompting job cuts

News May 28, 2020  
Oil & GasSupply Chain

Higher prices encourage Canadian producers to boost oil production

News May 26, 2020  
Manufacturing Supply Chain

Manufacturers scramble to find raw materials amid ‘desperate’ shortage for PPE

News May 25, 2020  
Research & Development Supply Chain

Farmers still require help amid supply chain interruptions, labour shortages and costs

News May 22, 2020  
Public Sector TextilesSupply Chain

Trump says he’ll replenish stockpile for future pandemics

News May 15, 2020  
TextilesFinancing Supply Chain

Plastics and composites maintain growth trajectory through 2020 uncertainties: Frost & Sullivan

News May 14, 2020  
Aerospace TransportationSupply Chain

U.K. tests use of drone to deliver supplies to hospitals

News May 12, 2020  
Food & BeverageSupply Chain

What Canada knows about food crises can help prevent shortages and protect workers during coronavirus

Feature May 12, 2020  
Food & BeverageManufacturing Supply Chain

Why did you buy that? Unearthing the roots of consumer choices in the pandemic

News May 8, 2020  
Food & BeverageSupply Chain

Coronavirus: Another chance to transform the global food trade

Feature May 8, 2020  
Manufacturing Supply Chain Technology / IIoT

Manufacturing AUTOMATION: COVID-19 disrupted supply chains. Here’s how automation will help

Feature May 7, 2020   Manufacturing Automation
Manufacturing Supply Chain

SNC-Lavalin provides engineering services to Medicom for N95 mask manufacturing

News May 6, 2020   Canadian Manufacturing
Exporting & Importing Supply Chain

EU forecasts ‘recession of historic proportions’ this year

News May 6, 2020  
Food & BeverageSupply Chain

Dairy Farmers of Canada reap benefits of support package

News May 6, 2020  
Food & BeverageFinancing Operations Supply Chain

Aid package to agriculture aims $252M at multiple pressures

News May 6, 2020  
Supply Chain

Coronavirus shows why Canada must reduce its dependence on the U.S.

Feature May 5, 2020  
Public SectorSupply Chain

China says faulty masks a ‘contractual’ matter that has been fixed

News May 5, 2020  
Food & Beverage TransportationOperations Supply Chain

CP Rail moves record 2.8M tonnes of grain in April after strong Q1

News May 5, 2020  
Food & BeverageManufacturing Supply Chain

Feds to unveil emergency aid for agri-food sector hit hard by COVID-19

News May 5, 2020  
Public SectorSupply Chain

China likes Canada’s ‘cool head’ amid U.S. ‘smears’ over COVID-19: envoy

News May 1, 2020  
Public SectorSmall Business Supply Chain

Ontario creates new website for small businesses dealing with COVID

News April 30, 2020   Canadian Manufacturing
Human Resources Supply Chain

L’Oréal Canada, La Roche-Posay Canada providing hand sanitizer for COVID

News April 28, 2020  
Public SectorSupply Chain

Champagne challenges Beijing, insists empty planes left China

News April 24, 2020  
Public SectorFinancing Research & Development Supply Chain

Canada’s economic recovery to take longer than the U.S. following COVID-19: report

News April 23, 2020   Canadian Manufacturing
Public SectorManufacturing Supply Chain

Key COVID-19 testing chemical reaches Canada, amid China empty plane denials

News April 22, 2020   Canadian Manufacturing