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Canadian Manufacturing
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Human Rights Commission rejects complaint against USW’s foreign workers campaign

News January 22, 2013   Canadian Manufacturing
Mining & ResourcesRegulation Risk & Compliance

Mining company to hand over failed applicants’ resumes in foreign workers case

News January 18, 2013   Canadian Manufacturing
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Peugeot Citroen workers occupy, shut down French plant

News January 16, 2013   Canadian Manufacturing
Regulation Risk & Compliance

American Suzuki Motor files for bankruptcy protection, plans to cease selling cars

News November 6, 2012  
Energy Mining & ResourcesRegulation Risk & Compliance

Pair of unions seek federal court muscle to oust foreign workers from B.C. mine

News November 5, 2012  
Operations Regulation Risk & Compliance

Bombardier workers launch strike at Quebec rail equipment plant

News November 1, 2012  
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Muskrat Falls hydroelectric project cheaper than wind power: study

News October 31, 2012  
Energy Oil & GasRegulation Risk & Compliance

US Coast Guard: Sheen at Deepwater Horizon disaster site is BP oil

News October 11, 2012  
EnergyRegulation Risk & Compliance

Environmental assessment hearings on Northern Gateway pipeline return to B.C.

News October 9, 2012  
EnergyRegulation Risk & Compliance

Ottawa extends review of Petronas deal to acquire Progress Energy Resources

News October 5, 2012