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Canada’s best managed companies grew export sales by 40%

Feature March 25, 2014   Canadian Manufacturing
CleantechManufacturing Research & Development Sustainability Technology / IIoT

Mantra comissions CO2 recycling pilot project at Lafarge B.C. plant

News March 25, 2014   Cleantech Canada
InfrastructureResearch & Development Technology / IIoT

Dutch architects begin building house with 3D printer

News March 17, 2014   Canadian Manufacturing
EnergyResearch & Development Technology / IIoT

Start-up hopefuls vie for $100,000 in funding from Velocity Fund

News March 12, 2014   Canadian Manufacturing
CleantechResearch & Development

Volkswagen Group spent $15.5B on enviro R&D in 2013

News March 3, 2014   Canadian Manufacturing
Research & Development Technology / IIoT

Magna signs research deal with Italian bio plastics company

News February 7, 2014   Cleantech Canada
Research & Development

Ontario invests $190M to attract top researchers

News January 20, 2014   Canadian Manufacturing
CleantechFinancing Research & Development

Feds announce $63M to fund 250 research labs

News January 9, 2014   Canadian Manufacturing
Research & Development

Bauer’s Quebec R&D division unveils ‘concept car’ of hockey pads

News December 23, 2013   Canadian Manufacturing
CleantechResearch & Development Technology / IIoT

Find R&D expertise and facilities with new Canadian research database

News November 28, 2013   Cleantech Canada
Automotive EnergyResearch & Development Sustainability

Chrysler confirms role in $52M Canadian automotive R&D initiative

News October 28, 2013   Canadian Manufacturing
Automotive EnergyEnvironment Research & Development Sustainability

Canadian automotive R&D gets $52M boost from feds, industry

News October 25, 2013   Canadian Manufacturing
Research & Development

Canada’s Top 50 research colleges unveiled

News October 23, 2013   Canadian Manufacturing
Research & Development

Victoria student wins age category at Google science fair with body-heat flashlight [WATCH]

News September 25, 2013   Canadian Manufacturing
Research & Development

MIT releases its list of top innovators under 35

News August 21, 2013   Canadian Manufacturing
Research & Development

Researchers developing cellphones that self-destruct when discarded

News July 16, 2013   Canadian Manufacturing
AerospaceResearch & Development

Canadian-designed human-powered helicopter wins Sikorsky prize [Video]

News July 11, 2013   Canadian Manufacturing
Research & Development

Canada again misses top 10 in Global Innovation Index

News July 4, 2013   Canadian Manufacturing
Research & Development

Feds invest $18M in business and university research collaboration

News June 21, 2013   Canadian Manufacturing
Research & Development

BDC, Caisse team for $12M investment in Montreal defence manufacturer

News May 24, 2013   Canadian Manufacturing
Research & Development

GM, Ford to jointly develop fuel-saving transmissions

News April 15, 2013   Canadian Manufacturing
EnergyResearch & Development Sustainability

New GE windmill blade design could make wind energy more viable

News November 30, 2012  
AerospaceResearch & Development

Rolls-Royce building $136-million engine parts facility in Virginia

News November 14, 2012  
Research & Development

Researchers design electric motor that doesn’t use rare earth magnets

News November 13, 2012  
Operations Research & Development

One confirmed dead following blast at Bombardier plant in Quebec

News November 12, 2012  
Research & Development

Amputee to climb skyscraper stairs using thought controlled prosthetic

News October 31, 2012  
Operations Research & Development

GM testing lightweight magnesium sheet metal for future auto production

News October 23, 2012  
Research & Development

Brainstorm for profit: 5 tips to generate better ideas

News October 19, 2012  
Aerospace AutomotiveResearch & Development

Global carbon fiber market will hit $36 billion by 2020

News October 4, 2012  
Research & Development

Nikola Tesla’s N.Y. lab to be restored

News October 2, 2012