Canadian Manufacturing

Canadian Manufacturing

Environment Human Resources Operations

Six steps to an extraordinary workplace

News June 19, 2012  
Mining & ResourcesEnvironment Procurement

Record number of M&A’s in mining: PwC

News March 5, 2012  

Canadian chemists fingerprint oil to catch ocean polluters

News December 19, 2011  

Conservation group calls for action after radioactive leak in N.B.

News December 15, 2011  

Canada cracks down on environmental delinquents; follow ups a different story

News December 14, 2011  
EnergyEnvironment Sustainability

Alcoa contributes $3-million to sustainable development project

News October 11, 2011  
Energy Oil & GasEnvironment

Enbridge acquires Horn River gas development for $250 million

News October 7, 2011  

Climate change to cost Canadians $5 billion a year

News September 29, 2011  

More US firms recognize advantage to address climate change: report

News September 20, 2011  
EnergyEnvironment Research & Development Supply Chain

Ontario startups awarded $6 million from accelerator fund

News July 28, 2011  

Creating workplace wellness that sticks

News June 29, 2011  
Energy Food & Beverage TransportationEnvironment Operations Procurement Supply Chain

One in three workers plans to quit

News June 20, 2011  
Environment Human Resources Operations

Workplace wellness is priceless

News June 16, 2011  
Energy TransportationEnvironment Sustainability

Greenhouse gas emissions reach record high

News June 6, 2011  
Environment Operations

Living with shiftwork

News May 20, 2011  
EnergyEnvironment Supply Chain

Ontario companies dominate PwC tech awards

News May 2, 2011  
Food & BeverageEnvironment Operations

Worker who lost feet in machine now walks to raise awareness

News April 28, 2011  

Siemens sells stake in nuclear joint-venture

News April 11, 2011  

Canada’s electricity sector needs major investments for growth: CBOC

News April 7, 2011  
EnergyEnvironment Research & Development

Scientists mull reflecting heat back at sun

News April 5, 2011  
Cleantech EnergyEnvironment Operations Procurement

Siemens announces new business division

News March 29, 2011  
EnergyEnvironment Sustainability

Commercializing wave energy

News March 28, 2011  
EnergyEnvironment Exporting & Importing

Canadian hydrogen fuel cells to power U.S. cruise ship

News March 25, 2011  
Mining & ResourcesEnvironment

Worker pain: a drain on Canadian economy

News March 21, 2011  

Canadian economy losing ground on international competition

News March 17, 2011  

Managing conflicts in the workplace

News March 14, 2011  
Automotive Energy TransportationEnvironment Research & Development Sustainability

UBC study targets the world’s heaviest polluters

News March 3, 2011  
EnergyEnvironment Exporting & Importing Sustainability

Canadian sustainability market slanted for growth

News March 2, 2011  
Aerospace EnergyEnvironment Procurement Supply Chain

How to compete for federal contracts

News February 15, 2011  
EnergyEnvironment Procurement Sustainability

Solar modules to be built in Toronto for U.S. energy initiative

News February 1, 2011