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Secure SD-WAN solutions to gain traction among enterprises in Asia-Pacific through cloud services

Adoption of Secure SD-WAN in network security offers significant growth opportunities at a lower cost, finds Frost & Sullivan

November 11, 2020  by CM Staff

Asia-Pacific Secure SD-WAN Market

SANTA CLARA, Calif. — Frost & Sullivan’s recent analysis, Growth Opportunities in the Asia-Pacific Secure SD-WAN Market, 2020 profiles seven vendors and five service providers in the Asia-Pacific SD-WAN market, along with their solutions.

The research finds that secure software-defined wide area network (SD-WAN) is gathering momentum because it addresses the current security needs of the traditional SD-WAN solutions. Enhanced features offered include Advanced Threat Protection and Vulnerability Exploit Protection. Increasing reliance on cloud services is a key driver for the adoption of the SD-WAN technology among enterprises in Asia-Pacific, given the possible cyber threats from insecure internet broadband or cellular networks.

“To capitalize on market demands, cybersecurity vendors are integrating SD-WAN capabilities like dynamic path selection into their security platforms while telecoms and service provider vendors are including security features such as encryption in their SD-WAN platforms,” said Nicholas Wong, information & communication technologies research analyst at Frost & Sullivan, in a prepared statement. “For enterprises looking to transform their existing SD-WAN platform into a secure one, they can either utilize their existing security infrastructure or leverage flexible cloud security services.

Wong added: “The advantage of this model is its flexibility and suitability for companies that have already deployed an SD-WAN-only platform. However, this may compound the complexity of simultaneously managing both security and networking for their IT operations teams.”


According to Frost & Sullivan, the adoption of secure SD-WAN by enterprises presents lucrative growth opportunities, including:

  • Accelerating Cloud Adoption: As enterprises utilize the cloud and SD-WAN technology for enhanced connectivity, cybersecurity risks increase. Therefore, vendors and solution providers stand to reap benefits by providing robust solutions that ensure high network performance with perimeter protection.
  • Leveraging existing security solutions: Cybersecurity vendors with network security solutions can consider expanding their integrated firewall solutions and intrusion detection and prevention systems to cover SD-WAN environments.
  • Increasing opportunities for managed service providers: Enterprises are expected to increasingly outsource the monitoring and maintenance of their secure SD-WAN environment, therefore more managed service providers are expected to join the market to help enterprises manage their Secure SD-WAN.