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SaviCorp introduces on-demand hydrogen generation technology

California company files patent for hydrogen combustion technology

June 16, 2015  by Canadian Staff

SANTA ANA, CA—Automotive technology company SaviCorp has announced a newly patented technology designed to reduce automobile emissions using hydrogen combustion.

The DynoFlo HHO represents an innovative breakthrough in applied hydrogen generation technologies for automobiles and can be utilized on internal combustion engines, the company says. It can be used on both mobile and stationary systems, and those fueled by gasoline, diesel, CNG and LPG. The system will be beneficial to independent as well as fleet over-the-road truck operators, SaviCorp said.

While combustion of carbon fuels such as gasoline create harmful carbon emissions, hydrogen combustion does not create such emissions. By using less gasoline, the company look to reduce automobiles’ carbon footprints while increasing engine power, lowering emissions, and increasing fuel economy.

With the DynoFlo HHO and Savicorp’s flagship DynoValve working in unison, initial phase testing on a 2013 Ford Edge SUV proved a fuel economy increase of 105.6 percent. Although results appear conclusive, final results are still underway.


“With DynoFlo HHO, SaviCorp has created a product that major automotive companies are still struggling to match in terms of efficiency and results,” Serge Monros, President and CEO of SaviCorp said. “DynoFlo HHO is truly a product of the future and something we are prepared to continue developing until it is a staple technology that is utilized across the automotive manufacturing spectrum.”

DynoFlo HHO produces and delivers hydrogen on-demand to the engine through a process known as electrolysis, using an electric current to induce a chemical reaction. DynoFlo HHO uses this chemical reaction to split water into its base atoms of hydrogen and oxygen, reaping the benefits of a controlled reaction to elicit pure hydrogen production. This process is safe, efficient and environmentally friendly.

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