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RBC introduces digital government ID verification solutions

Clients opening a personal chequing account in branch now have more secure identity verification and stronger fraud protection

March 13, 2020  by CM Staff


The RBC Mobile App now uses artificial intelligence to check a client’s government-issued identification against the security features and characteristics of driver’s licenses and passports. The app also uses near-field communications (NFC) so clients can tap the electronic chip on newer versions of Passports, also known as ePassports.

When a client scans their ID through the mobile app on their phone, that information is automatically entered into their account profile on an advisor’s computer, immediately providing clients with a stronger connection between the branch and the app. Once a part of an account profile, the information is used and protected in the same way that RBC treats all personal information.

“Until now, our architecture limited our ability to quickly deliver the solutions our clients and advisors want,” said Peter Tilton, senior vice president, digital at RBC, in a prepared statement. “A single digital platform gives us immense flexibility to reuse core capabilities that extend across the bank and design solutions with our clients and advisors in mind from the start. This means clients will enjoy a more consistent experience with RBC across our delivery channels.”

According to the company, RBC plans to launch mobile account open by evolving this capability to allow clients to take a live selfie to further verify their identities against the government-issued ID on file.


These features are currently available in 100 RBC branches in Ontario and Quebec for clients opening accounts.