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Raytheon Canada wins Navy weapons contract

Raytheon is installing a remotely-operated machine-gun turret to replace the current version that requires manual operation by sailors on the deck

March 21, 2016  by Canadian Staff

CALGARY—Raytheon Canada Ltd. will install up to 58 Naval Remote Weapon Stations (NRWS) on Royal Canadian Navy surface vessels. The NRWS replaces manually-operated stations with technologies that allow for remote operations.

Raytheon’s NRWS is based on the proven Mini-Typhoon product line provided by Rafael Advanced Defense Systems Ltd.

“This integrated and innovative technology will provide effective weapon operations for the Royal Canadian Navy operating in high-threat littoral areas,” said Todd Probert, a member of Raytheon Canada’s board of directors.

“Our combat proven, affordable and low-risk system is designed for current operations with flexibility to add new technologies for future naval combat support,” said Mark Nicol, president, Raytheon International Inc., Canada. “It is a mature, capable system designed and tested for navies worldwide.”


According to Rafael Advanced Defense Systems Ltd.’s website, the Typhoon is a lightweight, stabilized, remote controlled platform that handles a full range of weapons. The Canadian Navy’s variant of the Mini-Typhoon uses an M2 Browning 12.7 mm machine gun.

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