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Montreal firm to produce proprietary sulfate-based fertilizers

Dundee Sustainable Technologies plans to produce sulfate-based potassium, potassium magnesium fertilizers

July 15, 2014  by Cleantech Canada Staff

MONTREAL—Dundee Sustainable Technologies Inc. (DST) says it is entering the fertilizer business, announcing plans to launch production of sulfate-based fertilizers.

Montreal-based DST, a subsidiary of asset management firm Dundee Corp., said it has obtained patents for the production of sulfate-based fertilizers that “are providing a new way to the industry of producing potassium sulfate and potassium magnesium sulfate.”

Production of both fertilizers results in the by-production of salable hydrochloric acid, according to DST.

Sulfate-based fertilizers are applied at sowing time, where ions are adsorbed in the soil and remain available and protected against leaching.


The increasing sulfur deficiency in certain crops has led to an increased use of sulfate-based fertilizers, while excess use of chloride based fertilizers—potassium chloride, or potash—can reduce nutrient uptake and yield quantities.

DST says the growing market for sulfate-based fertilizers, along with depleting natural sources of chloride-free potassium, creates “a great opportunity” for the company to develop its patented processes.

DST says it has analyzed a project to build a potassium sulfate production plant using potash and sulfuric acid, and claims it has received interest from a North America-based distributor “that is ready to market the production of 50,000 tonnes per year” of potassium magnesium sulfate.

The company received a $50,000 grant from the National Research Council of Canada (NRC) to develop its technology.

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