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Keolis Canada acquires coaches from manufacturer Prevost for Quebec transit operations

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46 vehicles have been added to Keolis Canada's Orleans Express transit fleet, which services routes throughout Quebec

The H3-45 has more luggage space than any coach on the market.
PHOTO: Provost

MONTREAL— Transportation service provider Keolis Canada, formerly Orleans Express Group, has acquired H3-45 coaches from coach manufacturer Prevost, for its Orleans Express transit operations.

Orleans Express offers coach transit services throughout the province of Quebec, from Montreal to the Gaspe Peninsula at the mouth of the Saint Lawrence River.

The H3-45 coaches have under-floor cargo bays that can accommodate more luggage than previous models used by Orleans Express.

46 vehicles will renew the Orleans Express fleet over the next three years.


Orleans Express serves 900,000 passengers each year.

“We are proud to continue our long-standing relationship with Orleans Express and Keolis Canada. Backed by the Prevost service network, the reliability of this latest generation of H3-45 coaches will enable them to provide trouble-free, top-of-the-line service for years to come,” said Francois Tremblay, VP and managing director for Prevost.


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