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De Havilland supports Aero HygenX to develop autonomous robot

by CM Staff   

Manufacturing Technology / IIoT Aerospace

Using UVC light as a sustainable and chemical-free method to disinfect Dash 8 aircraft cabin air and surfaces between flights

Scaled Illustration of RAY in Dash 8-400 aircraft cabin.
Photo: De Havilland

TORONTO — De Havilland Aircraft of Canada Ltd. is supporting Aero HygenX Inc. in the development and marketing of a new version of its autonomous robot, RAY, which will be used on Dash 8 aircraft.

Designed and manufactured by Aero HygenX in Ottawa, RAY delivers high-frequency ultraviolet-C light to disinfect aircraft cabins between flights. This germicidal wavelength of light destroys up to 99.99% of pathogens – including the COVID-19 virus. It also also reduces the need for frequent chemical-based disinfection.

Its compact profile means it can be used in lavatories and crew areas. The disinfection procedure would be completed in under five minutes.

“Working closely with our engineers and operators of Dash 8 aircraft, Aero HygenX is quickly optimizing RAY’s design to meet the specific size and operational requirements of all models of Dash 8 aircraft. We look forward to offering RAY to operators of Dash 8 aircraft soon,” said Robert Mobilio, vice-president, engineering and quality at De Havilland Canada.




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