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Biomass conversion plants inch closer to completion in two U.S. states

The company is also conducting feasibility studies for biomass feedstock supply agreements

January 13, 2014  by Staff

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla.—A Florida-based cleantech company announced today that plant-building partner The Casale Group has finished engineering feasibility studies for its portion of two planned biomass conversion plants.

BioNitrogen Holdings Corp., which builds environmentally-friendly plants that convert biomass into urea fertilizer, says the feasibility reports are detailed basic engineering packages that describe elements of the ammonia and urea plants such as design capacities, production outputs, process flow diagrams and equipment lists.

It is the prerequisite information required to properly estimate the cost of the plants. This information will be integrated into the rest of the plant design by the CCC Group and AMEC as the design of the overall plant nears completion.

“Casale’s reports demonstrate tremendous ‘behind-the-scenes’ progress over the last few months that significantly advance the project forward. The next steps for Casale are to begin the initial cost estimates for the ammonia and urea equipment necessary for EPC funding,” said Ernie Iznaga, VP of Operations at BioNitrogen.


Recently, the company announced that it has funded BioResource Management, Inc. to conduct feasibility studies for biomass feedstock supply agreements to the BioNitrogen plants in the states of Florida and Louisiana.

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