Canadian Manufacturing

Canadian Manufacturing

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Volkswagen earmarks US$7.3B to deal with emission-cheating scandal

News September 22, 2015   Canadian Manufacturing
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10 automakers to add automatic braking in all new cars

News September 14, 2015   Canadian Manufacturing
AutomotiveExporting & Importing Manufacturing Operations Technology / IIoT

Japanese automakers losing ground in quality race

News June 18, 2015   Canadian Manufacturing
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VW Group acquires automotive fuel cell IP from Ballard Power Systems

News February 11, 2015   Cleantech Canada
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Toyota tops in global sales again in 2014 with 10.23M units sold

News January 21, 2015   Canadian Manufacturing
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UAW signs up at least 45% of workers at Tenn. VW plant

News December 9, 2014   Canadian Manufacturing
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Toyota still world’s top-selling automaker, edging out VW, GM

News October 27, 2014   Canadian Manufacturing
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Toyota still tops in global auto sales, VW beats GM for runner-up

News July 30, 2014   Canadian Manufacturing

Fiat, Volkswagen officials shoot down mega-merger rumours

News July 18, 2014   Canadian Manufacturing
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New union local to be formed at Tenn. Volkswagen plant: UAW

News July 11, 2014   Canadian Manufacturing
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Volkswagen Group spent $15.5B on enviro R&D in 2013

News March 3, 2014   Canadian Manufacturing

Volkswagen makes $9.2B bid for remaining Scania shares

News February 24, 2014   Canadian Manufacturing

At Volkswagen, robots and humans work hand-in-hand

News August 30, 2013   Canadian Manufacturing

Injunction delays report revealing security flaws in millions of VWs

News July 31, 2013   Canadian Manufacturing

Strong Canadian auto sales for 2012 could lead to gains in 2013

News January 4, 2013  

August auto sales up 6.4 per cent from year ago as imports post big gains

News September 5, 2012  
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Volkswagen releases new compact

News August 22, 2011