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Canadian Manufacturing


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Food & Beverage Manufacturing Supply Chain

‘Made in Canada system’ keeps egg supply stable. But is it also keeping prices high?

News February 3, 2023  
Energy Public Sector Human Resources Manufacturing

Russia is using drones to target Ukrainian electricity and erode morale

Feature January 17, 2023  
Food & Beverage Manufacturing Operations Supply Chain

Global food prices in 2022 hit record high amid drought, war

News January 6, 2023  
Cleantech Oil & Gas Transportation Manufacturing Supply Chain

Inflation, Ukraine war and lingering effects of the pandemic shine light on Canada’s supply chain

News December 13, 2022   News
Energy Oil & Gas Public Sector Human Resources Manufacturing Operations Supply Chain

Fighting for a future: The Belarusian regiment in Ukraine is staking its claim on democracy

Feature December 6, 2022  
Mining & Resources Oil & Gas Public Sector Financing Manufacturing Supply Chain

Stocks slide as strong data suggests Feds have more to do

News December 5, 2022  
Oil & Gas Manufacturing Regulation Supply Chain

Russian oil price cap, EU ban aim to limit Kremlin war chest

News December 5, 2022  
Aerospace Heavy Machinery Transportation Manufacturing Supply Chain

Bombardier pledges to avoid business with sanctioned Russian individuals, companies

News February 25, 2022  
Energy Infrastructure Mining & Resources Oil & Gas Public Sector Transportation Exporting & Importing Financing Human Resources Manufacturing Operations

Ukraine industrialist straddles battle lines to keep production going

News September 22, 2015   Canadian Manufacturing
Oil & Gas Regulation

Canada leading sanctions charge against Russia—except in oil and gas

News September 24, 2014   Canadian Manufacturing
Oil & Gas Exporting & Importing

Canada, U.S. not in position to help boost Ukraine’s energy supplies

News September 19, 2014   Canadian Manufacturing
Food & Beverage Exporting & Importing

Russia bans food imports from Canada, other nations for 1 year

News August 7, 2014   Canadian Manufacturing
Aerospace Energy Mining & Resources Oil & Gas Public Sector Exporting & Importing Financing Risk & Compliance Sales & Marketing Technology / IIoT

Latest Russia sanctions spanning more industries

News July 31, 2014   Canadian Manufacturing

Putin’s Ukraine power play exposes fragile economic recovery

News March 4, 2014   Canadian Manufacturing

Economic hit from Putin’s Ukraine gambit will ripple globally

News March 3, 2014   Canadian Manufacturing

5 killed, more than 20 sickened in ammonia release at chemical plant in Ukraine

News August 7, 2013   Canadian Manufacturing