Canadian Manufacturing

Canadian Manufacturing
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Rising U.S. exports, reshoring could create up to 5 million jobs by 2020: report

News September 21, 2012  
Energy Food & Beverage Operations

US productivity grew at 2.2 per cent annual rate in 2nd quarter, faster than previously thought

News September 5, 2012  
Infrastructure Manufacturing

US construction spending fell 0.9 per cent in July, biggest drop in 12 months

News September 4, 2012  
Food & Beverage Operations

Survey: US manufacturing activity shrinks for third straight month

News September 4, 2012  

Bernanke: With unemployment ‘a grave concern,’ Fed will do more if conditions don’t improve

News August 31, 2012  
Exporting & Importing

US economy grew at 1.7 per cent rate in April-June quarter

News August 29, 2012  
Food & Beverage Operations

Orders for long lasting US factory goods, outside aircraft, fall for 4th time in 5 months

News August 24, 2012  

Stability in euro zone, moderate U.S. growth on horizon: report

News August 21, 2012  

Canadian manufacturers need to increase productivity, says investment guru

News July 17, 2012  

No double dip: economists

News August 23, 2011  
Food & Beverage Operations

World’s eyes on U.S.

News August 2, 2011  
Exporting & Importing Operations

Unleashing the Canadian beast

News May 13, 2011  

Canada’s GDP dips

News May 2, 2011  
Exporting & Importing

Global trade crucial for Canadian economy: SMEs

News April 27, 2011  

World economic growth at risk?

News April 18, 2011  
Automotive Exporting & Importing

Exports boosting Canadian GDP

News April 12, 2011  

Ontario stays the course

News March 30, 2011  
Supply Chain

Manufacturing on the verge of an investment boom

News February 3, 2011