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Canadian Manufacturing

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Investigating the future of battery technology and EVs

Feature July 21, 2021   Canadian Manufacturing
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Tesla seeks to raise another US$5B in stock offering

News December 8, 2020  
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10 automakers to add automatic braking in all new cars

News September 14, 2015   Canadian Manufacturing

Daimler sells stake in Tesla to undisclosed buyer for US$780M

News October 22, 2014   Canadian Manufacturing

The who, what, where, when and why of Tesla’s ‘gigafactory’

News September 15, 2014   Canadian Manufacturing

Nevada approves tax break plan for US$5B Tesla ‘gigafactory’

News September 12, 2014   Canadian Manufacturing
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Nevada Legislature working overtime to land Tesla battery plant

News September 10, 2014   Canadian Manufacturing
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Tesla chooses Nevada for US$5B ‘gigafactory’: report

News September 3, 2014   Canadian Manufacturing
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5 states offering big incentives for $5B Tesla battery plant

News September 2, 2014   Canadian Manufacturing
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Saleen launches Tesla Model S-based performance sedan

Feature August 19, 2014   Canadian Manufacturing

Panasonic, Tesla to build massive electric vehicle battery plant in U.S.

News July 31, 2014   Canadian Manufacturing
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Tesla Model S aftermarket growing thanks to California firm

News July 30, 2014   Canadian Manufacturing

The price of a Tesla in China: $121,000

News January 24, 2014   Canadian Manufacturing

Tesla motors hires chief Apple engineer

News October 25, 2013   Canadian Manufacturing

TORQ three-wheel EV roadster goes from road to track

News April 10, 2013   Canadian Manufacturing
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Nikola Tesla’s N.Y. lab to be restored

News October 2, 2012