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Canadian Manufacturing

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Ontario throne speech emphasizes recovery, determination to avoid future lockdowns

News October 4, 2021  
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N.S. election: NDP leader promises to raise taxes on large companies

News July 21, 2021  
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Researchers suggest Ottawa eliminate health transfers, give provinces room to tax

News May 20, 2021  
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Harper announces tax breaks for LNG industry in B.C.

News February 20, 2015   Canadian Manufacturing

Corporate tax burdens higher in provinces without HST: report

News February 5, 2015   Canadian Manufacturing
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Prentice says low oil prices will have ‘consequences for all Albertans’

News December 1, 2014   Canadian Manufacturing
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Ontario tax revenues off $509M from budget forecasts in July

News November 18, 2014   Canadian Manufacturing
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Ontario will struggle to balance books without cuts or taxes: report

News September 26, 2014   Canadian Manufacturing

Wynne says no hike in gas tax, HST or income tax on middle class to fund transit

News March 14, 2014   Canadian Manufacturing

Hire workers, invest more, get payroll tax cut: French President

News January 21, 2014   Canadian Manufacturing
Small Business

Ontario Liberals plan to write off $1.4 billion in unpaid business taxes

News December 12, 2012  
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Prospective NewPage owner wants to pay a sixth of its taxes

News September 17, 2012  

France to cut gasoline taxes

News August 22, 2012  

NDP want $250M job creation tax credit to vote for Ontario budget

News April 23, 2012  
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Tax cuts delayed and support programs chopped for business in Ontario Budget

News March 27, 2012  
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More retirement options for Canadian small businesses

News July 19, 2011  
Small Business

HST: Has it helped or hurt?

News July 4, 2011