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Canadian Manufacturing


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Infrastructure Manufacturing Operations Research & Development Technology / IIoT

AI-powered solutions to create an ecosystem of connected laboratories according to Frost & Sullivan

News September 22, 2021  
Aerospace Infrastructure Transportation Manufacturing Operations Research & Development Technology / IIoT

RCAF announces winners of its STEM scholarship

News August 12, 2021  
Cleantech Infrastructure Mining & Resources Oil & Gas Environment Manufacturing Research & Development

Scientists aim to build a detailed seafloor map by 2030 to reveal the ocean’s unknowns

Feature July 15, 2021  
Manufacturing Regulation Research & Development Technology / IIoT

Equity and access need to be at the forefront of innovation in human genome editing

Feature July 14, 2021  
Infrastructure Manufacturing Operations Research & Development

McGill University Health Centre begins phase III trial for its COVID-19 anti-inflammatory drug

News June 14, 2021  
Public Sector Human Resources

Union to take muzzled science issue to bargaining table with feds

News December 4, 2014   Canadian Manufacturing
Aerospace Supply Chain

Canadian firms play small but key roles in historic landing on comet

News November 13, 2014   Canadian Manufacturing

B.C.’s Dynamic Structures finds way to mass produce telescopes

News September 30, 2013   Canadian Manufacturing

National Research Council moving away from basic science, focus on industry

News May 7, 2013   Canadian Manufacturing
Technology / IIoT

Feds investing to encourage youth to pursue careers in science, technology

News December 7, 2012  
Cleantech Environment

Canadian chemists fingerprint oil to catch ocean polluters

News December 19, 2011  
Energy Environment Research & Development

Scientists mull reflecting heat back at sun

News April 5, 2011